When making your final decision about which Petroleum Branding Specialist to work with, be sure to ask yourself the following:

  • Is the price competitive?
  • If it’s considerably lower, it’s probably a sign of inexperience and/or a significant component being omitted.
  • If it’s significantly higher, it is likely a sign of inexperience, lack of interest in getting the job and/or too much work already committed.
  • Does the installer have adequate experience and a good reputation?
  • How many jobs have they completed?
  • How many jobs have they done in your specific brand?
  • How well done were the completed jobs visited?
  • Is the installer financially stable?
  • Are the proposal/contract terms acceptable?
  • What is the promised timing of commencement and completion?
  • Is the timing of work completion realistic and satisfactory?
  • What manpower will be committed to the job?

Always make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for and when you sign the bid you are approving, be sure to make a copy for your files and one to return to the installer.